About Us
The Dutch Canadian Circular Alliance (DCCA) is a vehicle that leverages the longstanding friendship between Canada and the Netherlands to push for transition from a linear to a circular economy

Our Vision Statement

In pursuit of achieving a Circular Economy where a closed-loop circulation of all materials keeps resources for as long as possible in use, the Dutch Canadian Circular Alliance aims to turn circular principles into concrete action to test, measure and demonstrate sustainable circularity in real life situations

Our Mission Statement

The longstanding friendship between Canada and the Netherlands has resulted in active economic, educational, and diplomatic exchanges. It provides the basis for the cooperation in the desired conversion from a linear to a Circular Economy. The Dutch Canadian Circular Alliance initiative will function as a vehicle to deepen this cooperation by connecting business, non-profit and government organizations and knowledge institutes to accelerate circularity in the built environment through a bottom-up, small-scaled practical approach


Our Goals

Encourage, support, and implement design of circular economy principles in the built environment and promote partners’ expertise
We will facilitate the exchange and sharing of lessons learned and effective and successful circular practices
We will provide access to relevant research, innovative technologies and approaches and a member-only networking portal
We will evaluate the environmental, social and economic benefits of showcase projects
Develop and implement a framework for evaluating the level of circularity and environmental, social and economic benefits of showcase projects
Turning circular economy fundamentals into concrete actions through workshops and circular living labs
How We're Composed

Organizational Structure

The DCCA consists of 3 advisory committees:

  • -Steering and Programming Committee
  • -Research and Standards Committee
  • -Policy and Procedure Committee (includes Legal and Financial)

Beside these advisory committees, dedicated circular living labs (CILLS) will be formed as opportunities for pilot or demonstration projects arise. These labs will function as mini centres of excellence and will be able to facilitate in-depth knowledge and expertise to the project in question

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